Careers: How I got here – Alison Dunlop

Careers: How I got here Alison Dunlop

Interview by James Knowles

Daks’ senior bag designer talks multitasking and bowling Fridays alison_dunlop

I like to get on with things as soon as I hit my desk, so have another check through my emails and then start designing. My tasks vary depending on the time of year of course, so at the moment we are just putting together the designs for spring 14. There are various elements involved for me, including researching trends and colours for the season, sketching preliminary ideas and putting the drawings into CAD format. We have a house check and each season we have to find a new way to render it in a modern form. I enjoy the fact that it’s strict, yet you can develop it in many different directions. For autumn 13 we decided to laser cut it in leather with woven strips. This geometric multi-textural technique created an interesting graphic slant on the check.

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