Careers: How I got here - Danielle Jones

Careers: How I got here - Danielle Jones 

Interview by James Knowles

Timberland’s designer for men’s knits, sweaters and sweats on making the jump from retail to branded and the benefits of working at a smaller company danielle_jones

I’m not the best morning person, I’m more nocturnal. My alarm goes off every morning at 7am, except for the days when I do a morning gym session, when I get up just before 6am. But I still don’t feel human until I’ve had a cup of tea. Then I jump in the shower and get ready. We don’t really have a dress code here, but I have quite a relaxed style. I’ll often wear Timberland’s men’s shirts, which are really nice and slouchy, and girly shorts. I love Timberland shoes as well.

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