Careers: How I got here - Emily Potter

How I got here - Emily Potter

Interview by James Knowles

The visual manager for wholesale at Danish brand house Bestseller on her varied working week and the skills required to do her job

What does your diary look like today?

A standard day for me doesn’t really exist, my job is very diverse. I will base it on a Monday – which is our trade day – where I’m essentially an extension of the sales team.emily_potter

I wake up at 7.30am and am out the door by 8am. I’m not a ‘getting ready’ girl, I prefer my sleep. I’m in the office for 8:30 am, where I avoid the brew round, but will happily order every time someone offers.

From there on in its all figures, reacting and feeding back on figures, co-ordinating the week’s focus through phone calls and e-mails.

We finish at 5pm, but I stay later because I’m never usually done and when it’s quieter I see the opportunity to work faster, without distractions. I’m surrounded by great people and love learning from them. The only people who I learn so much from who aren’t with me on a Monday are my team, but we have individual trade phone calls, so I absorb all their energy and ideas then.

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