Careers: How I got here - Holly Buttleman

Careers: How I got here - Holly Buttleman

Interview by James Knowles

The head of in-house PR, marketing and sales for Ossie Clark London discusses juggling two brands and being the perfect go-to girlholly_buttleman

My typical day is different depending on the time of year, and because I cover sales, PR and marketing for two different brands, Ossie Clark London and Damsel in a Dress. I spend a large part of my morning checking in with our stockists – 45 at Debenhams for Ossie, and nine House of Fraser and all John Lewis stores for Damsel – discussing sales, product mix in stores, any design or fit issues, whether they need more signage, hangers or look-books for in store events. I speak to nearly all of our stores most days to check they are comfortable. As we are coming up to our press launch time in late April, I am now starting to plan the website and look-book shoots for our autumn 13 product. It is a very focused time and I have to juggle it with all my other tasks, but I love being involved in so many areas; the diversity of the job is the best bit.

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