Careers: How I got here - Rob Beirne

Careers: How I got here Rob Beirne

Interview by James Knowles

Duck and Cover’s multiproduct menswear designer discusses the benefits and challenges of working in such a multifaceted rolerob_beirne

The majority of my day is spent in the office, unless we are doing seasonal shoots or travelling to trade events, and as a multiproduct designer, my design role is very varied. One day I might be doing shirts, the next day working on jersey, and the next focusing on sweats. I design roughly 60 to 65 pieces a season and my tasks involve putting together mood boards, approving fit samples, sketching up styles and putting my designs into Photoshop or Illustrator for the factories. Between 80 and 90% of our fabrics are unique to the brand so I spend some time working with the suppliers on the exact colourways we want. It can be challenging to make sure you are keeping within the brand constraints on your designs, and I do have to regularly check what I’m doing is not going off on a tangent.

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