Careers: How I got here - Sarah Graham

How I got here - Sarah Graham

Interview by James Knowles

Ayten Gasson’s sales manager on how she has built her career in the lingerie industry

What does your diary look like today?sarah_graham

The brand’s founder Ayten is based at her Brighton Studio and I am based in Cambridge, so we have a telephone meeting where we discuss our upcoming press day with Push PR and our Best of Britannia event at the start of October, where we’ll be exhibiting for the first time. We are also launching a bespoke garter service online, where people have a choice of four different silks, laces, bows and charms. Each garter will be hand made in the Brighton studio, to the customers’ specifications and delivered in our black and gold gift boxes. My job for this afternoon is placing orders with all our lace manufacturers and with our silk agent, both of which are UK-based, while liaising with the Brighton studio. I then have to produce the final hangers, showing the various combinations that will be sent out to our press and main buyers.

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