Careers: How I got here - Stephen Parker

How I got here - Stephen Parker

Interview by James Knowles

Kickers UK’s head of sales Stephen Parker talks us through customer importance and his new squash habit.stephen_parker

I spend my days in a variety of strategic meetings, but I try and use my time as effectively as possible. Often I will be involved in discussing future projects for Kickers, or new sales launches, making sure that we have our message right. I meet with the other heads of departments regularly, including the marketing, finance and product teams, to ensure we are all doing the best we can for our own teams and each other. I also get involved in the collaborations, which have recently included teaming up with London Fashion Week designer Christopher Shannon, and an exclusive link up with York-based designer indie Coggles to reintroduce the original 1969 Legend Kickers boot. I used to work in the beer industry and it was these kinds of exciting projects which made me want to be involved with fashion.

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