How I got here - Chris Potter

How I got here - Chris Potter

Ede and Ravenscroft’s senior cutter on starting as an apprentice to learn the craft and being part of London’s community of tailors

What does your diary look like today?ChrisPotter_CareersHowIgotThere

I walked in at 9am with my morning fix of strong coffee.  It’s a really busy time of the year as it’s the transitional season, so my diary is fairly full.  I check my emails and voicemails first thing, before preparing for the day ahead. We aim to be flexible with our priorities as our customer service is key. So when a customer arrives, whether they’ve made an appointment or not, we ensure that we are always available for fittings. I’ll spend the day seeing various clients and cutting and tailoring suits. My day will then end around 6pm.

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