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Flagship Salon Manager

In this exciting new role as Flagship Salon Manager  you are responsible for ensuring the proper and effective operation of the parts of the business you are responsible for. It requires you to oversee the applicable day-to-day work and operations. Strong leadership skills will be necessary for effective management success. 

Promoting the goals of the company on a daily basis, while optimising and improving the bottom line of the business is essential. Your role is about managing the flagship salon and supporting the General Manager with other salons, budgets, standards, EBITDA and success. You must maintain a positive outlook as this will directly translate to how the team take on challenges and work to succeed. 
Leading by example with your own smartness, punctuality, honesty and efficiency at all times is essential. 

You must be strategic thinker and planner and continuously think of ways to help drive business. Empower employees to take responsibility for their jobs and goals and coach, mentor the team for career development and success. 
In this role you will need to have the following key skills: 
o    Critical thinking 
o    Problem Solving 
o    Planning and organising
o    Decision making 
o    Communication skills 
o    Influencing and leading 
o    Delegation 
o    Team work 
o    Negotiation skills

o    Conflict Management 
o    Adaptability 
o    Stress Tolerance 
o    Confidence 
o    Motivational 
o    Positivity 
o    Strategic thinking 

Flagship Salon Manager

Central London, Covent Garden
Contract, Fixed Term
3 - 5 years of experience

Published on 8 Oct 2021

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