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Master Jeweller - Progressive fine jewellery brand

This fine jewellery name is excitingly opening a new production hub in the heart of London’s Jewellery district as part of their ongoing commitment to develop their brand.

Already a much-admired enterprise, the moment has arrived to further invest in infrastructure that in the forthcoming years can become a focal point/resource of excellence that their entire UK operation can become proud to rely upon. Areas of current strength are the marketing of fine jewellery which represents ever-green sound value however there are initiatives outside this main speciality that are also being pro-actively explored.

Job Role:

Today’s need is to appoint a lead Jeweller able to advise, set-up and to begin with developing the company’s Hatton Garden base through to in the future being a centre of production excellence that like their brand will be equally as highly thought of.

Within your day the obligatory customer ring -sizing, stone setting and polishing will be your staple bench workload, which regardless still motivates you greatly to see client satisfaction reflect so glowingly after each tasked alteration.

To exercise further your bench ingenuity our client over quite some considerable time frame has carefully selected/accessed some considerable gemstone reserves. For a talented senior jeweller with an eye ever on producing and designing intrinsically beautiful and saleable precious items, this additional bench challenge/freedom should prove massively exhilarating to behold.

As a new entity there is required a deep knowledge of what equipment you’ll need, initially yourself then others to operate to the best industry level – so contacts/experience in procurement of such goldsmith required items/consumables would be valued. Within this newly secured space – it will be very much your private operating domain with the occasional VIP customer visiting yourself if specific conversation/dialogue connected to a purchased or to be brought piece is required. Hence your persona will be welcoming and bristle with sage-like advice that clientele can trust and draw great confidence from.

The business’s owners are keen that this ‘goldsmith / jewellery designing hub‘ runs autonomously and as the workload moves forward in tandem with other anticipated London / International points of sale it is anticipated that your initial solo existence will require hiring of junior bench technicians that you’ll hand -pick and support you just as soon as the workload requires.


The ideal bench proven candidate will need to be proficient on as many aspects of jewellery production as is possible together with a good head/sense for operating in the most commercially prudent manner as possible.

It would be truly advantageous if your jeweller hands had also had experience of running a small team and being able to train, mentor and allocate bench tasks to junior but equally ambitious colleagues as yourself.

There will be from time-to-time areas that your production know-how and expertise may be called upon on areas away from what is classified as fine jewellery. Your mind-set needs to match our clients; one of being committed to brand building and delivering the ultimate customer service regardless of transaction value.

Our client’s Directors are hugely excited and passionate to see their brand vision of what is ‘top notch’ receive undiluted focus from their own in-house bench colleague. Support, encouragement and affording initially this jobbing jeweller extraordinaire the space to be master of their own future long-term destiny is massively exciting for them to in the future welcome.

To propel your bench career forward at a rate of knots in 2022 please send your CV to Jolyon Marshall here at JML.

Master Jeweller - Progressive fine jewellery brand

Hatton Garden, London EC1
Salary £40K+ together with travel card and bonus

Published on 7 Jan 2022

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