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Sales Consultant - Nationally Admired Independent Retail Jeweller

Let’s take you into our client’s confidence and tell you all about their unique jewellery trading journey.

Well established the company has of late seized all manner of initiatives that have culminated in them being recognised by their industry peers. Could it be the breadth of UK manufacturing partners that they engage with, the willingness to embrace new-to-market jewellery manufacturing technologies or is it through championing sustainability/ethical trading?

It’s a combination of all the above ‘specialness’ which allows this renowned jeweller to offer a purchasing proposition that within their locality is recognised to be challenging to match.

Today they are looking to recruit several talented Sales Consultants who would be keen to invest their retail selling panache to a family-owned Jeweller committed to winning evermore industry adoration.

Job Role:
Operating within a high-footfall premium pavement destination, this client store is ever ready to extend their patrons be they local, national, or international visitors the warmest of in-store reception. You are aware of best store opening and closing protocols and are ever vigilant to ensure retailing best practice be it security, stock care or visual merchandising and general store best keeping is not ever compromised.

Individually your persona undoubtedly can enrich a small sales floor trading area and your individual polish and presence supports admirably the multitude of sparkling categories of merchandise that you soon will be proudly selling. You enjoy striving to achieve individual and collective team store performance markers and your commitment to play your contribution part at every turn has previously won you much comment and commendation.

Customer interactions for you are never a chore. Your mind-set is one of informing and enriching consumer knowledge to allow your customers to reach the best -matched purchasing decisions.

The mission certainly from all within this business is to leave a lasting best jewellery service impression – able to thrill and further tantalise existing clientele with newness whilst building the confidence of first-time clients to become likewise ever returning patrons.


Ideally it would be helpful if already you possessed a passion for jewellery (experience is helpful) though your salesmanship journey with our client would be underpinned by recognised digital and correspondence-led Jewellery industry training.

Should your day-to-day experience be outside the sector, but you have experience consulting one-to-one with clientele be it with Fragrances/Cosmetics/Fashion or a differing category of Luxury goods – transferability to this sector is possible.

Undoubtedly you absolutely thrive in giving the very best customer service – reflecting possibly your own expectation when you yourself are similarly purchasing that hard strived for special consumer goods item.

Intuitively you will be a quick learner, enthusiastic about the prospect of in the future becoming ever more qualified and delight in team inter-play for the greater commercial good.

You know your sales consultant talents deserve to perform on the most attractive retail stage be it full or part-time. Don’t delay get yourself ready, get set and apply direct to Jolyon today!

Sales Consultant - Nationally Admired Independent Retail Jeweller

York City Centre, North Yorkshire
Attractive salary + wide ranging rewards (including incentives + investment in training + more!)

Published on 26 Jul 2022

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