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Sustainability Packaging Manager


We have an excellent opportunity for a Sustainability Packaging Manager

Purpose of role:

An exciting brand new role, where you will be responsible for developing innovative solutions to ensure sustainable packaging options. This will include product packaging, labelling and hangers. The role reports to the Head of Product Sustainability.

The Role:

The role involves collaboration with the Buying, Product Compliance, Retail and Creative Teams in the management and procurement of all Client’s packaging, labelling and hangers with the intention of leveraging scale and volume to procure at best price and with best service, whilst ensuring all packaging is legally and commercially compliant and, over time ensuring that all are manufactured using sustainable materials.

  • Work with the Key Line Process Manager to ensure that the Key Line E-Auction Process is developed and deployed to procure materials at best possible price advantage.

  • Ensure where appropriate, contracts with third party vendors are in place to manage the supply of packaging, labelling and hangers at Client’s price points with the ability to service Client’s capacity requirements and sourcing locations at speed.

  • The role involves collaboration with the Buying, Technical and Retail Teams to ensure all labelling, packaging and hangers use sustainable solutions and promotes the Client’s Sustainability agenda.

  • Work with the Retail Operations Team in developing a more robust monitoring scheme of in-country compliance taxes paid and using, sustainable solutions, work to minimise these taxes.

  • The role involves regular contact with the Product Compliance Team to ensure all existing and new packaging initiatives are new and existing trading markets compliant and any amendments that need to be actioned are followed through with the Buying, and Creative Teams.

  • The role involves working closely with the Buying and Retail teams to work to minimise the cost of soiled and damaged write offs by ensuring packaging solutions is as customer and store friendly as possible.

  • The role involves working alongside the Sustainability Materials Manager, the Product Compliance Team, the Supply Base and Buying Teams to ensure any Product Accreditation and Certification Schemes are maintained and updated as required.

  • The role involves the traceability and accuracy of sustainable packaging claims and the education of Primark customers in how to recycle our packaging.


  • Successful candidate must have a strong commercial and operational background and understanding.

  • Successful candidates should have a significant interest in Sustainability and will appreciate the significance of the Sustainability movement in the context of the Fast Fashion industry and ever evolving Consumer sentiment.

  • Successful candidate will have strong communication and stakeholder management skills.

  • Successful candidate needs to have a good understanding of Product Technical and Compliance requirements as required.

Ref: 101164


Sustainability Packaging Manager

up to 70k Euro

Published on 26 Feb 2020