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Wholesale Manager - Leading Jewellery Manufacturer

Just very occasionally there often exists a single stand-out industry name whose capability and market status viewed from any perspective is simply an undisputed number one. This Birmingham based jewellery manufacturer is and has been for several generations the recognised real deal.

Progress has been constant be it strengthening its manufacture, broadening their production expertise, and offering assurance to their loyal customers, trade, or consumer, as to their ability to ever deliver.

The pace and requirement to satisfy multiple channels of distribution has called upon ingenuity, flexibility and sound long-term commercial thinking underpinned by a strong and driven senior management leadership team. Ambition therefore to continue to market share grow is correctly placed right at the top of their 2022 trading agenda, consequently additionally talented and committed are today being sought.

Job Role:
Their requirement is for an experienced Wholesale Manager, ideally with both UK and International market knowledge. Already established British retailers both Independent and Multiple owned Retail Jewellers could gain advantage from your nurturing, development account management style. Equally there remains a thirst to sensitively place their brand equity within new distributor/retailer partners where it is felt that a sharing of brand values could be mutually beneficial.

Overseas, international sales continue to be strong and market representation and visits will be periodically required to ensure wider global presence continues to rocket skywards.


Individually your approach to sales and marketing is classically attuned and you must possess a proud, durable, and progressive career track record.

The responsibility that is gifted by this brand owner must feel balanced, timely and be for you that right next senior move where possibly all past roles have readied you for this career defining next mission.

Your own characteristics that have won previous commendation are resilience, an ability to strategically plan linked with a purposefulness that is never for a second delayed, postponed or not visible to all whom you converse / trade.

Possessing, as our client does, an unassailable luxury brand status it is felt to be helpful if to-date your own trade association was similarly connected.

We are confident in recommending the above future employer as being the best future company for you to keep . A competitive £salary package reflective of the future contribution level that our client believes you would be able to impart will be discussed on an individual applicant basis. All you need do today is forward your CV direct to Jolyon Marshall here at JML and let us campaign appropriately on your talents behalf – we look forward to receiving your resume very soon.

Wholesale Manager - Leading Jewellery Manufacturer

To be based accessible to the West Midlands and London

Published on 7 Jan 2022

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