Our History

The Jacques Vert Group is formed of a collection of Elegant British Brands which all have their own unique history:


Windsmoor, established in 1933, is a quintessentially British brand renowned for its beautiful outerwear offering. Three highly skilled brothers who were experts in the field of tailoring created the brand. The brand’s slogan “Look your best in Windsmoor” became iconic, helping it to gain a large fashion following – the coats even graced the front cover of Vogue. By 1954 the company had such a profile that they were name-checked by Betjeman in his poem ‘Middlesex’.


Eastex, established in 1951, is a brand that has a rich British heritage. Designed for the more mature stylish woman, it has since become a staple on the British high street. Tailored two pieces and coordinating soft dressing are adapted throughout the year with the emphasis on high quality easy-care fabrications.


Jacques Vert, established in 1977, is a brand created by two London based tailors (Alan Green and Jack Cynamon) who designed a range of coordinated occasion wear. The British pair combined their names and added a French twist and so the Jacques Vert brand was born.


Planet, established in 1978, quickly became known as a reputable stylish option for career women who want to incorporate their feminine style with their professional wardrobe. Planet has since perfected its signature style and today provides pieces that make the transition from work to social life flawlessly.


Dash, established in 1982, quickly established itself as an iconic leisurewear brand, perfect for the active lifestyle. It has been defined by nautical styles for which the ‘Dash stripe’ has quickly become synonymous with the brand.


Precis Petite, established in 1988, was the first brand to build on the fundamentals of petite tailoring, as opposed to scaled down versions of high street fashions. The collections cater for the perfectly proportioned 5’ 3” figure and feature bold prints on a striking colour palette for a beautiful occasionwear offering.


Kaliko, established in 1994, is a brand aimed at the feminine, fashion conscious woman looking to invest in her wardrobe. The brand handwriting consists of exclusive prints including classic florals, blurry and tinted photographic prints and freehand abstracted watercolour prints, providing a feminine touch for the spirited, fun-loving female.


Minuet Petite, established in 1999, launched with one niche market in mind: petite. The brand caters for women who are 5’ 3" and under in every aspect of the collections from the length, the print, and the width of the clothes.


Jacques Vert expanded into a fashion house of brands in 2002 with the acquisition of William Baird Plc. which added three further womenswear labels to its portfolio: Planet, Precis Petite and Windsmoor.


Sun Capital Partners acquired Jacques Vert in 2012 and aided the Company’s expansion further with the merger of Irisa Group. The Company became known as Jacques Vert Group Limited offering a collection of Elegant British Brands aimed at the mature women’s market.