Why work here?

Why work here?

Life moves incredibly fast here at Matalan. It’s also full of challenges. But if you can rise to them, we’ll make it worth your time. And not just with great rewards and benefits. You’ll work with the best in the industry: the people who’ve made our stores a success. They’ll stretch you. They’ll push you. They’ll force you to raise your game. But they’ll also help you accomplish amazing things.

If you're ambitious, Matalan is a great place to be. We're still growing which means there are more opportunities than ever before. We're also committed to developing our talent. Do well, and you'll rise up the ranks very quickly. Last year we made over 300 promotions across the company. This year promises to be no exception.

What we look for

We won't lie. A career with Matalan isn't for everyone. We operate in a tough, highly competitive sector where margins are tight. We don't just need people who are smart, savvy and switched on. We need people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get things done. If that's you, there could be a fantastic future for you here.

Given the scale of Matalan, we need a wide range of talents. We need Managers to keep our people inspired and motivated. Sales Assistants to keep our customers smiling. Buyers to keep our stores up-to-date with the latest fashions. The list goes on. With each role, we need different skills and qualities.