CQC have a long standing history in the design & manufacture of world leading load carriage, body armour & Integrated Soldier Systems. For over 60 years CQC has been at the heart of military personal equipment and at the forefront of new dismounted capability & technology.

CQC’s development around integrated soldier worn systems, supported by a wide range of partners and technology experts are continually reducing the burden & enhancing capability. Innovative “Man Worn Power & Data” (MWPD) designs are consistently pushing the boundaries of soldier technology to enhance capability and survivability.

CQC’s award winning Osprey body armour system with its uniquely designed modular capability, allows dismounted troops to modify its configuration to individual mission specific needs. Osprey is designed to ensure maximum flexibility in the distribution of weight and integration of ballistic protection, without the need to compromise on combat effectiveness. Having delivered more than 240,000 Osprey systems, CQC continue to improve and evolve its products to further reduce weight and burden on the soldier while improving comfort & capability.

CQC are leading the world in the design, development and innovation of new technology & capability to constantly deliver the very best enhanced integrated soldier systems for greater survivability, capability & lethality.

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