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Keep up to date with industry updates amid the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.
Today’s fashion businesses have more customer data to sift through than ever before. The person helping retailers sort through this mountain of information is the data analyst.
Drapers speaks to five industry heavyweights to learn how they rose through the ranks and get their advice for those just getting started in the fashion industry
Perhaps one of the most popular careers in fashion, designers are responsible for creating clothing, accessories and footwear.
Crucial to successful trading, merchandisers are responsible for planning stock levels, predicting sales trends and ensuring businesses have the right product, in the right place
Part creative genius and part analytical whizz, buyers are in charge of making sure the right product ends up on a retailer’s shop floor.
You’ve found the right role and you’ve got the right experience; now how do you make sure your CV demonstrates you’re the right person for the job?
Standfirst// The fashion retail industry is changing at breakneck speed, and the workforce is shifting swiftly to keep up with the developments.
Fashion retail is increasingly competitive, and has had its fair share of high-profile casualties in recent months.
The value of a strong technology team in retail is difficult to overstate.