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Equally passionate about denim and sustainability, Jordan Nodarse is on a mission to bring his vintage-inspired green jeans to retailers and shoppers around the world.
Veteran British designer Dame Zandra Rhodes talks Drapers through her fashion life, and the lessons learned from 50 years at the forefront of fashion.
When Jack Chana quit his carpentry job in 2012, he found himself working from home for his family’s clothing manufacturing business Yoka Yo, before going on to co-found his own fast fashion brand Liqu
June 2020 Grosvenor House, London
30 April 2020 133 Houndsditch and Grosvenor House, London
11 March 2020 King's Place, London
21 November 2019 Exhibition, London
10 October 2019 County Hall, London
11 September 2019 The Brewery
UK and Irish retailers have said they are committed to tackling sustainability in fashion and admitted there is “more to do” following criticism by MPs.