Newmarket 875 Ltd

Newmarket 875 Ltd


Hanako Sonobe Varian

Something special drew founder Hanako to Newmarket, from her birthplace in Japan. It was more than her passion for working with racehorses. With an outsider’s clarity, she could see that this was a place where thoroughbred beauty, strength and speed had blended effortlessly with horsemanship to become a true art form.

This inspired Hanako to combine that quintessential Newmarket artistry with the creativity of Japanese wordplay, Goroawase, to create the luxury fashion brand Newmarket 875.


Sustainability runs through each and every stitch, thoroughbred quality that lasts. This ethos is demonstrated as Newmarket 875 supports retired racehorses and investing back into the local community. 


Community and craft are at the core of everything we do.

From our home here at Newmarket where horse racing originated over 350 years ago. To the partners we collaborate with.



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11-50 employees
Fashion Apparel


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