SikSilk is a true, 21st century success story. It is now, arguably, the biggest name in the UK fast fashion urban streetwear scene which, considering the brand is less than 8 years old, is a remarkable achievement!

Three friends working normal jobs, started making baseball caps in 2012 with no intention of making money then began to design clothing for themselves, combining streetwear and fashion and the rest, as they say, is history-they now make and sell a wide offer of sporting and fashion goods globally and have a brand and loyal customer base that is the envy of many companies around the world.

SikSilk is a British born, athletically styled combination of sportswear and streetwear with major inspiration drawn from top athletes around the world. The streetwear culture that heavily influences the youth of today is where they draw their colour ways and bold prints from for a reclaimed and unique take on urban classics. Their collaboration with Dani Alves, the Brazilian international footballer and now Brand Ambassador, has taken the brand to new heights and raised the game on celebrity endorsements along with the regular SikSilk wearing supporters like Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar to name a few, who wear the brand just because they love it.

They have made their mark on the industry with their confident attitude and self-belief, plus a real talent for taking old-school trends and making them into something brand new that is truly all their own work. The Company has passion, drive and direction and an ambitious growth plan that knows no limits. The future for SikSilk is to continue to expand their Global reach and build the brand into a lifestyle; creating a movement of youth culture who are out, being active, creative and making a statement in what they wear.

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