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The Ever Changing Retail World

Find out how Retail has been adapting to a constantly shifting market place and see what the experts have to say about the future!
Written on 10/31/14

The markets across the globe are in a state of flux, and retail is no exception. With online shopping continuing to mold the retail world around it, adaptation is essential.

As the retail industry forms around the current climate, there has been a notable rise in temporary jobs, with stating that the temporary job market has grown by 32% in the past year alone, which is substantially faster than the permanent sector, which has only grown by 30%.

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One of the fastest developing phenomena of our time, the internet, is understandably having a huge impact on how people nowadays tackle their shopping and the Centre for Retail Research predicts that by 2018, total store numbers will have dropped by 22% as online sales grow from their current 12.7% share to 21.5% by the same point.

The approaching dominance of online sales is not the herald of doom for the high street that some have been touting though, as there is evidence that some areas are stronger now than they have been in the past.

Of course the market is not the same wherever you are in the country, and as the trends show, some places are in a far better position to be applying for jobs than others. Regions such as London and the South East* have demonstrated healthy growth as the year has progressed, indicating that the retail industry remains as strong as it ever has done. Other stand out performers include Wales and East Anglia as the best places to be looking for work, especially in recent months with job advert levels soaring.

Salaries for some of the more common retail positions, shop assistants and store managers, have shown evidence of being the rise, especially with the year drawing to a close. Yearly trends indicate that salaries are at their lowest around this time of year and they are only going to be going up as we move in to Christmas and January*

*Data collated from Innovantage