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Fashion Recruitment: Keeping up with the trends

Written on 9/25/12

Fashion Recruitment: Keeping up with the trends in an ever changing recruitment environment

Cutting-edge industry knowledge is vital for a competitive advantage in fashion recruitment. The job market is tough, so it’s vital that you have a comprehensive view of the latest trends in the fashion industry in order to impress potential employers with your insight and dedication.

How do you keep up with the latest trends in fashion jobs?

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the fashion media.

You won’t need encouraging to devour all the latest fashion press news, magazines, and influential blogs in order to follow the latest trends in fashion. Try to keep an ‘industry perspective’ when reading, and collect clippings/bookmarks that interest you and are relevant to future fashion job ideas.

  • Use the latest websites and social media channels

Keep a close eye on what’s trending in fashion with websites like Stylesight and WGSN, these are great resources for research and the latest trends. In addition, follow activity on blogs, Twitter and the latest social share sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest by fashion industry figures.

  • Share ideas with people in the know and become one yourself

Follow industry insiders and influential individuals related to particular fashion jobs that interest you. Choose your personal interests in fashion and blog about them – choose one specific aspect of the fashion industry or style, and find out absolutely everything there is to know about it.

Blog on the topic and become the biggest expert in that niche – you’ll find others will discover you online, and in turn who knows what insight you’ll pick up from new contacts? You can then talk on your special interest at interview, with authority and the evidence to show your passion.

  • Get out and go to events

Go to all the fashion events that you can, to mix with and meet new people, you’ll learn new things and stand the chance of making helpful industry contacts. Becoming a relaxed and effective networker as soon as you can will stand you in good stead for a career in fashion.

Recent trends in the fashion industry and fashion jobs

  • New sources of clothing and footwear

China and Hong Kong are the leading exporters of manufactured footwear and clothing to the UK. However, the international fashion industry will always be on the lookout for new sources of quality products at a lower cost.

  • Competitive high street

There is fierce competition on the high street between department stores, retail chains, and boutiques and specialist shops – especially in the current economic climate.

  • Ethical fashion

Sustainable production methods and environmental interests have been a growing trend in the fashion industry in recent years.

  • New technology

The fashion industry is always on the hunt for new production technology to reduce costs through smarter manufacturing methods and lower costs of retail, such as through the growth of e-commerce.

  • 'British Style' in designer fashion

Over the last decade there has been real growth in interest and sales figures for designer ‘British style’, particularly in formal outerwear and traditional tailoring and shoemaking.

What’s hot for you right now?

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