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How To Become A Head of Design For A Developing Fashion Brand

Written on 12/13/11

Advice from Sophie Bubb, Associate director, Michael Page Design

Getting on a recognised fashion degree course is a typical way to begin your career. However, it is possible to prove yourself in a brand within another position, and then move internally if you show the creative ability for the role.

Although there’s no substitute for experience, the skills you learn in education are generally considered necessary for a career in this industry.

During your degree, it’s extremely beneficial to secure an internship.

In some cases this can then turn into a full-time design assistant position.

The skills you need for this role are creative acumen, commerciality and a passion for your product. You also need the ability to spot future market trends which you adapt to suit your brand’s customer profile. At a more senior level, you’ll need to develop non-creative skills such as people management and budgeting.

You’ll also need knowledge of the brand’s customer base, trends, competitor awareness, and the ability to inspire your team to design a commercial product.

This can be an extremely rewarding and challenging career, with international travel and a path to design or creative director roles.

Salaries range from £60,000 to £80,000.

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