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Retail Management News for October

Written on 11/8/11

We have looked at the industry’s recent developments on the Drapers site to bring you a round-up of all the news relevant to your job search in retail management. With the face of the retail sector changing all the time, it is of key importance that those entering the industry, or just shifting their position within it, knows what’s going on, and how these developments may affect them or the job market as a whole.

It could be you 
“Fewer jobs are available to graduates, but there are still plenty of opportunities for those with talent, determination and the knowledge of how to stand out from the crowd.”
In the face of narrowing job opportunities and fierce competition, jobseekers are assured that ‘demand for smart, confident graduates is actually on the rise’. Candidates are encouraged to do proper background homework, and submit tailored, dedicated applications rather than scatter-gunning. Attention is also drawn to the opportunities in HR and finance within fashion organisations as an option to more mainline careers in those sectors. Finally, candidates are reminded that a ready-made career will not be handed to them, but assures that hard work can be rewarded well. (including as progressive salary scale)

Power to your people 
“Taking heed of what your staff think could not only stop them jumping ship – it could lift profits too.”
Surprisingly, treating employers well has been found to improve company performance: staff research and employees that feel valued can lead to increased profits, plus better customer service in stores, extra effort in head office roles. Reduced costs also feature, since replacing employees who change jobs because they don’t like companies’ culture, costs money and time.

We hope that you find the above articles interesting and helpful. Drapers are the leading publication for the retail industry, and are always seeking to remain at the forefront of its field. If you are looking for a new career or the latest Store Manager Jobs then check out our search page at today!