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Fashion Jobs – Getting On The Path To Your Dream Fashion Career

Written on 11/2/12

Fashion jobs – Getting On The Path To Your Dream Fashion Career

To snag that elusive and sought-after fashion job, stack the odds in your favour by getting as much hands-on work experience as you can. Beg, steal and borrow contacts to get a foot in the door.

Many roles, such as highly-desirable London fashion jobs, go to super-keen and hard-working individuals who are fortunate enough to make the right connections to show their skills and impress. Fashion recruitment is extremely contact-reliant: it is up to you to get the exposure to showcase your talent to the decision-makers in whichever part of the fashion industry your passion lays.

A work experience placement is the best way to do this. You make the contacts and learn practical skills in your chosen area, giving you valuable experience to draw on at interview. A foot in the door is the first step. Once you secure a placement – through raw talent, good luck or a combination of the two – you have the chance to convert the opportunity into a job in fashion. The following advice will help you along the way:       


Once you’re through the door, this is your chance to perform, however, don’t fall prey to stage fright – a solid, dependable performance is what is needed rather worrying over the need to pull off a show-stopper on day one. Listen clearly to what is required of you in the role and deliver. Keep delivering consistently and you are likely to make a very strong impression – do the job right over and over and you will gain credibility.

Be True

Don't feel you have to fit a certain image – your perception of what is required may be off the mark. Be yourself and if an employer sees the raw materials in you that they are looking for, you stand a good chance.

Be Professional

It should go without saying that you must work very hard and not complain. In an entry-level job in fashion you’re likely to have to perform menial tasks that don’t fit the glamorous image you might hold. This is to be expected – perform any tasks with good grace and a smile, everyone must go through this level of the industry to reach their ultimate goal.

Bring Ideas

Once you have your bearings in the role, follow your creative instincts and if you can produce a show-stopping idea, don’t hold back. Identify the right person and the right time to share it – your initiative may be well-rewarded.

Detail, Detail, Detail

A touch of neurotic obsession is not a bad thing in a fashion job. Close attention to detail and strong organisational skills are prized attributes in the fashion industry. A dogged determination to perfect a task is a good thing, but knowing when to leave something and move on is also important.

Do you have work experience in fashion?

What advice would you give in making the most of the opportunity?

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