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Completing a Successful Design Project to Secure your Ideal Role

People Marketing offer advice on using your design skills to land the perfect role
Written on 9/19/17

Completing a Successful Design Project to Secure your Ideal Role

Article by People Marketing

During the interview process a client may decide to set a project to assess the design capabilities of the shortlisted candidates or to determine which of the candidates to make a job-offer to.
In order to successfully complete the project and secure your new role, it is vital to understand what the client is looking for and why they are setting a project.

This is what our clients told us:

  1. Commerciality – Can you put designs together within the timescales, follow the brief and adhere to any specified price points?
  2. Do you have the right ‘handwriting’? -It can be difficult to ascertain from existing design work how your design skills will translate to the Brand you are being considered for. This is particularly the case if they are interviewing for a label with a different price point or market position to the one you are currently working for. (E.g. designing for a luxury label after working for a fast-fashion value line). Can you adapt successfully to their brand?
  3. Range building – Are you able to put a range together that fits within the ethos of the Brand?
  4. Can you identify key trends and influences and incorporate them into the range?
  5. Presentation skills- How well can you present your designs and are you able to talk in a confident and coherent way? This skill is invaluable if you will be required to present to Buyers in your future role.
  6. Bringing something new? –Can you bring originality, quirkiness or add something new to the Brand or the existing Design team?

Ultimately this is an opportunity to showcase your skills and demonstrate your suitability for the role.

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